Friday, November 6, 2009

Going Out

BG: 140 [thank God (and my insulin)! down after a hyper afternoon]

Messed up my afternoon with a high. Not sure exactly how it happened, but when I checked it found it 301, corrected [more on that in a minute] and checked again in an hour, it was still 269. I feel I know myself pretty well. I keep my sensitivity at 4hours knowing that I probably peak at about 2-2.5 hours because usually when I correct, I'm down by at least half in an hour. So, I changed my site, just in case and corrected again.

I did some unaccounted for snacking. I'm pretty sure. An oversight that bit my ....butt later. So, when my correction units said .8, I doubled. My pump keeps track of how much insulin is active--and though some people say, bleh--I really like this feature.

Anyway, I'm off to Dougherty's Pub and Pins for dinner with some girlfriends. A much needed night out. Cheers!

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Amy said...

Hope you had a great night out!! You deserve it!