Monday, November 16, 2009

I made Donuts

BG: 147

Yes, I did. And they are gooooood. So I gave about half of them away. What can a diabetic girl do? Right? Still, my family enjoyed them...and I find my time in the kitchen soothing, which I really need a lot of right now.

And praying helps. Remembering all the things I'm thankful for, how I'm blessed. Offering my crazy rantings up to God would be a good thing to do BEFORE I go off on my hubby... LOL

I skipped exercise this morning. WHY?! I wish I hadn't. Tomorrow will be a new day. Tomorrow, I'll exercise. Mall walking, anyone? :D

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phonelady said...

nothing like an addiction huh ? I think you are addicted to cooking . anyways thanks for sharing and yes I love cooking too .