Wednesday, November 11, 2009

End of Day Report

BG: 158

I had a pleasant memory today. A good one, from before Diabetes. I've thought of it off and on throughout the years and a friend's post about candy on Facebook today resurrected it.

When I was a kid, three little girls could walk... at least 6 blocks to 7-Eleven. Gosh, it might have even been more like ten or fifteen! [The world was definitely bigger then.] We had our stash of cash, and came back to Mary's house with good gobs of candy. I remember the Runts especially. I don't know why. After sorting it all, and rationing it, we took off to do something else.

Whatever we were doing in those days...a quick trip to Richmond Park, a run through the sprinkler, a walk around the block to me and my sister's house. On our return, we found Mary's brother eating our CANDY!

The memory sets a glaring light on how different my world is today. Forget Diabetes, how different the world is for my children. Where is the freedom of childhood for my children? It doesn't exist like it did before. Do I move to a smaller town? Do I search for the past?

My memories of life on the West side are so dear to me. Friends from those days are still my friends today and will be my friends tomorrow, too. When I write my stories, I pull from those memories. I pull from the emotions those memories evoke, because they are heartfelt and reminiscent of innocence. Deep down, I think the memories are why my stories so often feature reunions, old friendships and lost love. [No, I'm not pining over lost love. :P]

So, tell me. What is your favorite childhood memory?
...and have a great week!


Redheadmamaof7boys said...

it's the slurpees and the jolly ranchers, the taffy and the nerds that I remember the most. Man, I loved those trips to 7-11. Oh, and rides on the city bus!!! and Bike Rides downtown!

We had lots of fun.. and I guess our parents really trusted our guardian angels!

Bethanne said...

Oh, i know! I remember riding our bikes everywhere! Crazy. and fun. Lots of fun.

Walt Seale said...

Compared to what we did as kids, I felt like your childhood had no freedom. We did whatever we felt like doing and had to come in when the street lights came on and for dinner. I'm sure my mother had an idea of where we were (as I did for you), but I was unaware of it.

Bethanne said...

I guess that's been the way of it for decades and even centuries... Makes sense, when you consider history and how society has changed. :) I hope we plateau soon... I'd hate to think how my kids' kids will have to live. :P