Friday, September 18, 2009

Basal Testing -- Finally

BG: 106 :D

I love seeing that number, although the truth of the matter is... that's a one hour post meal check. It should probably be a little higher than that. *eyeroll*

So, Basals. Did my night-time and morning basal testing.

It was pretty simple, and reflected the results of the 3 day iPro--normal to lower until morning hit.

4:30am 116
5:30am 92
6:30am 90
7:30am 168 -- can you believe that? in one hour...
8:30am 183 --
9:30am 195
10:30am 166
11:30am 167
12:00pm195 -- and I ate lunch.

I'm not a professional at this basal changing thing, so the next day or so is going to be edgy. I know that I have to go two hours prior from when I want to see different results. So, at 5:30 to 7:30, I need a boost. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I have my sensitivity figured [as accurately as possible] at 40mg/dl for one unit. In that case, I need about one unit to get that 7:30 number down to 130, so I added half a unit for each of the 2 hours before 7:30. Will it work?

I have no idea. You tell me. :D

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phonelady said...

good luck cause at this long and I am still trying to figure out basal and boluses . It is very confusing . I hope it all works out for you .