Sunday, September 13, 2009


Crazy weekend, and I found myself slipping into old habits.
Today, I ate a breakfast bar on the way to the library because I felt lowish...and I swear, I'm always low when I go to the library. My brain only has to think the word and my body is activating any pockets or stores of insulin. Don't ask me!

I should have checked--test don't guess.

Well, it was a fine trip, no more low feelings.
I'm starting to wonder what people who actually make their food from scratch do.
Soups, breads, casseroles, roasts--sauces, gravies. :P
My goal this week is to look into that. I do alot of my own baking and cooking, but I've been struggling with my Bolus wizard, because I don't know numbers. Just amounts of insulin I would normally take for that much of that particular food.

If you drop by and have any suggestions, please feel free to comment!
Have a great week.

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phonelady said...

that is odd . I usually cook to find out what carbs or how many carbs I am eating and I bolus for that . I seem to be doing okay . I hope I helped .