Monday, September 21, 2009

My Trip to St. Louis

BG: 120 <-- quick story, I'm trying to work out this bolus delivery thing. I know the dual wave, which gives a quick boost and then also a square dose of the insulin, is supposed to be most like the body's use of insulin. BUT, I have no idea how to make the ratio. Does it work to just 50/50? If my meal is high protein, would I go more on the square? How long should the square last? OMG! It's insane! The better question is who do I ask about this? Keep reading for the rest of the story.

Tonight, after a long day in St. Louis for my son's Endocrine appointment [he has growth hormone issues], we stopped a Wendy's to get him chicken nuggets, and... well, I got the Frosty-cino Shake. It was, by far, the yummiest, yummy I've eaten in...I don't know how long. It was rich, coffee-like, creamy. Mmmm. And I took enough, I guess I'm confused about insulin action. Or, more likely, I just shouldn't eat THAT GOODNESS!! because in one hour my sugar was 221, then in another hour it was back down to 120. So, nevermind... I'm a diabetic, if I splurge, I'm going to see it. That spike just proves I am diabetic. Haha. Taking more insulin wouldn't have made the insulin more affective[/effective? Ugh!]. And if I'd taken more, I probably would have bottomed out later--evidenced by the 120 at 2hours. *sigh* It really was heaven through a straw.


Sidenote: I met with the Dexcom representative today and saw the SevenPlus CGMS. Way cool! I still can't believe that Minimed isn't on this... that they can't even give me a projected date for when they might have something updated from their current sensor. That sorta pushed me over into the Dexcom camp. If Minimed could say, yes, by the end of this coming year, we're looking at a sensor that is smaller, more accurate, etc, etc, etc, I might have waited. Now, it looks like I'm just going to have to wait until next fall to get my Dexcom linked up with my NEW PING. *shrug* Maybe? Nothing is ever set in stone, but that's what I'm seeing right now. It would be nicer, if the MM sensor was more compatible with my lifestyle. Of course, Dexcom won't be without its cons, either [but let's be honest, it's diabetes that's inconvenient!]. I will have an extra thingy, about the size of my pump, to carry around with me. I'm thinking of where I can put it. Any ideas?

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