Saturday, September 26, 2009

End of Day Report

BG: 126

Your finger is a pressurized can of fruit punch. You know how your mom used to puncture the top of the can, first on one side then on the other in order to pour the drink?

Sometimes, I prick my finger once, and nothing happens. When I prick it again, it bleeds in both spots. WTF? The phenomenon is only slightly less known that the geyser effect. We've all seen that... when blood spurts out unexpectedly--into your eye, all over your keyboard, the steering wheel. Ew.

Quiet day today, I changed out all the kid's clothing--summer for fall/winter. YAY! I love doing this! I love that for one to three days, my boy's dressers will be neat, that they will be pleased by the new clothes and WANT them to be neat. Everyone is covered for the winter months, thank goodness... We're short a few pairs of shoes. Ugh.

I got a bike for my birthday. I'm really excited about it. The rain hasn't stopped since I got it, so no big rides for me, yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Matt is also starting to work out. He ran today... or no, yesterday. I think he's nervous about the military physical and training. Not because he's a wimp. He's not!! But, he doesn't 'work out'... he just works. :) He'll do fine, I know it. I think we're going to get into shape together.

I look forward to getting my Salter Nutritional Scale this week. Not sure how it's going to work, but I think the effort will be worth it. Getting the numbers correct... less guessing on carb values. My sugars are excellent, but hovering on the lower side, and I wonder if I need to cut back again. Either go to the 1unit for 15 carbs or keep messing with the basals. I don't like eating just to raise my sugar levels. I would rather NOT be eating to keep it down. anyhoo...

I can't complain. I will have a CGMS soon and will be able to do basal tests without all the finger sticking!!!!!!!!! WHOOT! Yay!!!
Happy Sunday.

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phonelady said...

happy sunday to you too bethanne and glad you are enjoying the bicycle and happy belated bday . I am so glad you are feeling good again and yes boys are always short shoes . also I think you will love the food scale . Just remember to use it LOL !!! have a great wknd .