Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hump Day

BG: 116

I'm chasing highs because I forgot to bolus. If I go back a step, my sugar was high after morning coffee and breakfast--a muffin. Then it was sliding here, and missing a good lunch there, and snacking on pretzels later, only to miss the bolus and doing the same later as I ran out the door to get the kids from school. I haven't been over 250, so that's a bonus, but I've been feeling high symptoms at 180, so... Good for me, it means my sugars are staying lower. Bad for me, I feel like crap right now. Which is really strange because of my actual blood glucose level right now. :P

I'm meeting with the Minimed Rep on Friday, and I'm trying to get a hold of the nurse at not-my doctor's office to get a hold of the iPro--the professional CGMS used by doctors for 3 day basal testing. Hopefully, she'll call me tomorrow. I left a message... Ugh. A voicemail I trust. A person saying, "I'll leave a note for Christina and she'll call you when she gets a chance," I don't trust. :P Call me crazy!

Oh! I should add. Illinois Medicaid is the only insurance around here who is NOT approving the CGMS. Though I understand the expense and newness of this therapy/management, I'm still amazed by the ignorance of insurance companies and their decisions about what is medically necessary. Hopefully, this is just a matter of time. Seems to me paying for maintenance would be alot cheaper than fixing a bunch of problems later in life. No? Besides the fact that quality of life really IS valid.

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