Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Morning After

7am: BG: 107 <-- that is wonderful. Yesterday at seven, my sugar was probably closer to 150 and steadily rising. After messing with my basals and this is what I see...

I'm really happy this morning.
I'm going to eat breakfast and do my midday basal testing today.

I was over visiting Keri's blog [again] and she mentioned [in passing] that she had been flatlining at 98 mg/dl all day. And that stopped me. Because--and I'm horribly out-of-date in my education, even though I do have a pump--some lessons get stuck in your brain...and I'll have alzheimers and still know that my after meal glucose levels are going to be about 50 mg/dl higher. [crazy run on, i know] But the thing is, since I've been doing more research and talking to people and...stuff. That just doesn't ring true anymore. Does a nondiabetics bloodsugar rise by that much after a meal? I'm starting to doubt it. And all around me are diabetics with 5 A1Cs...and i'm sorry, but that's not possible if you're going up to 150 after every meal....

Wow, that was a long paragraph.
So, a couple of things I'm going to do in the near future.
1) finish my basal testing
2) find a diabetes education course for my family--I think my kids need to know what's going on... they know I have diabetes, and sometimes I act crazy, but they should take a class. :P Something family and/or kid oriented.
3) Get the Dexcom, have it ordered before the end of September when we have decided we are going to switch over to the Medicaid card for good, until Matt starts a new job.

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phonelady said...

Bethanne I dont have a 5 A1c level either . I have a 7.5 now after all this time and I use to have 6.5
which I coveted . Now sadly that sucks that I cant seem to get that level again . Oh well let us face it I will most likely never have that A1c level again . as you get older things change year to year .