Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eating Out

is something I don't do very often. Matt and I, we just like being at home. But, occasionally, we splurge. Today, for my birthday we went to the Olive Garden. I didn't think to check the webpage for nutritional values, so I guesstimated. 79g Carbohydrates, actual Carbohydrates 106g!! 2hour post BG: 89

so the question is, who calculated the carbs? The menu values say a seving of salad w/ dressing is 22g CHO. 22g?? Where? Two little croutons?...okay big croutons, but still. 22g is like 2 peices of bread. dressing? That's mostly fat... some sugars. I don't know. I do know that if my sugar was 89 2hours later, taking insulin for 106g of carbs would have be the end! :D

It makes me feel a little frustrated, because the fact is, there are too many variables sometimes to get it right. The fat content was pretty high, totaling about 46 g. Sooo, that probably means I'll spike a little later. Fat slowing the sugar/carb absorption. I'll be interested to see what my sugar is in another two hours. I've tried the Dual Wave bolus--that gives me a boost of insulin but also a dose over a few hours--and I don't like it. My sugar is HIGH after the meal then back to normal in about two hours. I'll keep playing with it, hoping to get it right, but unless I have a high fat meal, which is rarely, I don't know that I see the point. :)

Am I making any sense?
What are we to do? How can we manage without hiccups when there are so many variables? From person to person, from food to food--X amount of carbs means nothing unless you know what the food is and how YOUR body will react to it. And how WILL your body react to it? Well, let's see....

Did I exercise? Did I just wake up? What time of the month is it? Am I sick? Do I have a cold? Yeah, it's that EASY. :P

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