Friday, September 11, 2009

The Big Debate

BG: 146

It feels almost cliche to blog about this now...but I think I will anyway, for my own sake.

I spent the last three days attached to the iPro, the professional grade [though I don't think it's different from the regular CGM from minimed] Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. I'm interested in talking to the MM rep so I can ask her about how the patient version works with my pump, how it differs from the iPro, do I really have to wear all that tape????

If you haven't guessed it, I was NOT overly impressed with the hardware. It was big and clunky...and a LOT Tapey. [I'm feaking out about posting a picture, because... of my belly, but this is sorta a medical journey... *shiver* Be brave Bethanne!]


So, there it is... is that usual? Does the sensor pod need to be taped down like that? The tape square is like what's used for IVs and it goes lower by another inch and a half. :P I don't know. I'm wondering if it would be worth it at this point.

On the other hand, I started looking at other companies and their products for diabetes management. Like Animas...and their One Touch Ping Pump, which is going to eventually be [somehow] linked with the Dexcom CGM--another sensor that LOOKS like a better deal all around than the Minimed option--size being a key component. [let's face it, size matters!] Time to start thinking...and start comparing...and deliberating.

I'm on the MM paradigm--a good pump, with good representation. I haven't been dissatisfied. But I'd like to see the paradigm do what the Ping is doing. Why isn't it? Why doesn't the paradigm pump have a remote/meter? Why doesn't the paradigm have smaller increments of delivery? I'm going to start asking lots of questions...

i'm in a sticky situation in regards to finances and insurances--getting laid off is a real bitch--so, part of me wants to jump right in and upgrade. The other part says, hold on... give it some time, see how the market goes. Maybe MM has something better in the works?

In case you're curious, the 3 day continuous monitoring results were eh. After seeing the MMrep last friday and getting on the Bolus Wizard my sugars have been rotten--if you ask me. But I'm sticking to it in hopes that with the logging and accuracy, I can actually get my basals figured out. The CGMS would be a great thing for this effort. For now, I'll just keep testing away. I'm up to about 8 times a day.

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