Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two hours later...

BG: 100

On Amazon, I bought a Salter Nutritional Scale. It has 900 foods stored for all sorts of data! I'm trying to be good about this.... LOL Let's just say, that lunch--if it was 106g Carbs--did not get used like other food I eat. My bolus at 1 unit for 12 grams of carbs has been looking really good, which means my guesstimate was closer than what Olive Garden's chart indicated.

Anyway, I bought two books through Amazon while I was on, a carb counting one and a diabetes one... I wanted to buy the Nora Roberts and Jaci Burton SOOOOOOO badly, you have no idea. I even added them to the cart. Still, that 100+ price range choked me up a little and I succumbed to reason, buying just the healthy, smart ones. :(


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phonelady said...

I know , I know I am a voracious reader and have you tried ? I am a member and I love it . I mail one or two books out and get one or two books back . just go to and check it out. thanks for sharing and posting .