Saturday, September 5, 2009

Minimed Rep

I finally met with the Minimed rep on Friday. She seemed pretty nice and VERY surprised that I wasn't using my Bolus Wizard. I left, kinda wishing I had told her that I was the Bolus Wizard. I mean, I can even add and subtract in my head. Let's just say when she was explaining to another pump candidate about A1Cs and she looked at me sorta humoringly, "It should be under 7... right?" *winkwinknudgenudge* I got a little irritated.

BUT, she had contacted me previously, when i received my replacement pump so we could get together and I never made it. So she probably has a preconceived notion of me, and I can forgive her that, because I didn't have time or the push for it at that time. I know that sounds crazy...and maybe it I'd met with her, I would have had this revision sooner...but, I wasn't ready I guess. I was too much living day to day...managing my diabetes, which btw, is possible without the Bolus Wizard. It just makes tracking a little more complicated.

So, I'm on the Bolus Wizard and my sugars are like CRAP (higher than they've been in weeks)! I've been bolusing what I know I need for a certain amount of food for so long that I have no idea how many carbs are in that stuff...right? It becomes second nature...this plate of food with this drink--take X units to cover. Unfortunately, I don't think 1 unit for 15 grams is enough, but I'm suspicious that 1unit for 10 grams of carbs is going to be too much. But with the pump tracking everything, I want to get it right. I'm trying to figure out what people are talking about when they say they have a hard time logging. I do, but that was before I realized my pump was going to do all of that for me! Good Lord! I have seen the light!

If I had visitors here, I'd ask, "Am I wrong? Am I misunderstanding something?"
Anyhoo. The Carelink thing is very cool. I think I will have to ask Laurel if her husband is using it... and the Bolus Wizard, too. :D Because as any Minimed Rep knows, you can't manage diabetes without that Bolus Wizard. ;-)

BTW, my last A1C was 6.5 and it hasn't been higher than 7.2 in over 10 years. That's good, if you ask me. I've never seen a five, and I'm hoping this surge of enthusiasm will instigate that. I'm off to get the iPro--CGMS this coming Tuesday. I'm so glad it's Tuesday because I've been fighting highs with this awful cold i got. Another sticking point, because the MM rep looked over my sugars for the last few days and of course, saw highs all over the place! How frustrating! Nothing like putting your best foot forward, eh? Grrrr.
Have a great weekend all.

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